As a boss babe, we’ve got a lot of dreams and a lot of goals to accomplish. We are constantly learning, constantly growing, and constantly evolving. We’ve got our systems organized and we’ve got our to-do list filled out.

So why isn’t our list getting shorter? The main reason: we keep delaying it. We get distracted easily or we let ourselves get distracted. We have to ask ourselves, why are we procrastinating? What are we procrastinating about? 

There are different reasons. We could be procrastinating because:

  1. We’ve got chores
  2. We had an emergency
  3. We have an unexpected call come in
  4. We’re sleepy
  5. We’re just not feeling it

There are more reasons why we tend to delay completing our to-do list but they always have the same outcome, the work doesn’t get done.  

How can we fight that? How can we stop procrastinating and start being productive?

  • Sleep 7-8 hours

Sleep a full seven to eight hours every night. Sleep is necessary to reach our mind’s full potential throughout the day. When we sleep, it gives our bodies a chance to recover, recharge, and conserve our energy. When we don’t get our sleep continuously, we are not giving our bodies a chance to repair itself. When we lack in sleep, we have bigger chances of getting sick, make it difficult to concentrate, and even putting on extra weight. 

Sleeping an average of seven to eight hours will help our bodies do its work without interruptions. 

  • Goal Settings

Besides having a to-do list every day, it’s even better to set goals for the week or for the day. What is the top priority of the day? What needs to be accomplished no matter what?

  • Prioritize 3-5 goals for the day

More than setting top priorities for the day, it’s best to only set a few goals per day, around three to five. Avoid setting more than five goals per day because you need to anticipate interruptions throughout the day. And there will be constant interruptions, either by you or by someone else. 

  • Start with small task first 

Sometimes it’s good to start with the small tasks first so you finish fast. It can feel really good to check off a task from the to-do list, even if it’s a small one. It can make you pumped to start and finish the next one. At least, even if you don’t get to finish the big task, you still checked off a lot of tasks from your list. 

  • Give yourself 5 minutes to meditate with no interruptions

Deep Focus Windows are great for productivity. This is a block of time during your day when you cannot be disturbed. It’s usually just for an hour but it’s one focused hour. No interruptions. If you work in an office, you need to tell your colleagues you’ll get back to them after an hour. You can set an auto response to your emails that you’ll get back to them after an hour. No meetings, no phone calls. 

If you have an office with a door that locks, you can lock your door with a sign outside that says No Disturbing. You can unhook your phone. If you work at home, turn off all notifications, put your mobile on airplane mode, and lock the door if you have a home office. 

If you have kids though, try to hire a babysitter or nanny or your sister to take care of the kids for one hour so the kids don’t bother you during that one-hour window. 

Treat your Deep Focus Window like an appointment or meeting that can’t be cancelled and can’t be interrupted.

  • Turn off notifications on your phone

Most of the time, we get distracted because our phones suddenly ping with a notification. It could be a new email or a new social media message or a new text message. Turn off all notifications on your phone. Do your work and finish it. When it’s done, check your phone for new messages and respond accordingly. Give yourself a maximum time to check and respond so you don’t spend more time than you should. 

  • Reward yourself at the end of the day for accomplishing your goal

It’s good to reward yourself at the end of the day for completing your task. It’s good to have something to look forward to at the end of your workday. It doesn’t need to be big. It could be something like finishing that bottle of soda or eating that chocolate or reading a chapter of a book or enjoying that mug of hot chocolate on your couch or watching the latest movie on Netflix. It’s up to you. 

It’s really up to you to decide how to motivate yourself to be productive. If these tips don’t all work for you, then do the ones that will motivate you. And remember to share your tips so we can be productive together.