Packing for a tropical travel? If you are scheduled to have a trip somewhere in the warm tropics (say for example, the Philippines), it is very important that your packing list is as concise and complete as possible. Remember that the tropics also stands for hot and humid (and moist year-round) climate and while the sunny sun posts an exciting feeling, it is also very important that your luggage is ready for the heat.

Travel Essentials

  1. Water Bottle

One thing that is very crucial when travelling to a warm country is the importance of hydration. Bring water bottles and tumblers that can fit completely in your carry on bags. One with a filter is great as you can use it on (drinkable) tap water around the world and odd tastes are mostly eliminated (

It also saves you a lot of bucks as you don’t really have to buy bottled water every now and then. Just drink, refill and get quenched. 

2. Sun Protection

Of course, you don’t wanna experience sunburn and other ultraviolet complications. Always bring sunscreen with good SPF to make sure your skin is well-protected. You may opt to get the cream or spray or lotion type, depending on your preference.

Also, take note that hot destinations equal more sun protection. 

“When anyone is going to be sun exposed, regardless of location, a broad spectrum UVA-UVB sunscreen recognized by the Canadian Dermatology Association is recommended,” explains McCauley. “UV protectant clothing, as well as a hat and sunglasses help keep the skin, hair, and eyes shielded from harmful radiation.”McCauley also says you need to reapply sunscreen every two hours and always after swimming or you work up a sweat (

3. Hat or Bandana

The summer headgear (hat or bandana) is both an essential and a fashion piece especially for women. These two items can be used as cover for the head and neck. 

Choose a piece that matches your outfit so it can also stand as an accent to your overall tropic look. Time to nail that summer OOTD!

4. Sunglasses

Same with the head piece, sunglasses can serve you well in two ways. Protect your eyes and get an instant shade plus of course, it’s a good fashion accessory. 

PRO TIP: Try bringing a few pairs that will match all your planned outfits.

5. Dry Bags

Of course, a tropic trip isn’t complete without a beach escapade. Assuming you’ll have a lot of beach moments, come prepared with a couple of dry bags. 

Use them as a sand proof bag for storing your phone on the beach, or pack your wet bikini inside to avoid soaking your other clothes. They’re water resistant so they keep water out or in depending on what you need! (

6. Cover Up/Sarong

Another fashionable piece that can add protection, cover-ups can also function as a beach mat or stuff cover. It can also accentuate your bikini so better be picky with your covers!

You may choose plain cover ups for the classy look or go adventurous with prints and patterns. After all, we’re here for the fun summer sun!

7. Flip Flops

So by now you know that wearing heavy, all-covered shoes is definitely not a wise move. If you’re planning to do some “by the water”walking, better get a pair of good-quality flip flops. 

8. Summer clothes

Cute crop tops, shorts, jumpsuits, sleeveless tops and a couple of rompers —your pack can be a mix of happy prints and florals but do make sure that they are made of lightweight materials. Layering and wearing wool materials is a complete no-no so girl, it’s time to show some skin.

Again, a beach trip is a must so a nice pair of bikini should also be on your list. 

PS. Sundresses for ladies is also a good idea. It can be a day/night outfit depending on the occasion (or your mood). 

PRO TIP: Dresses and summer skirts go well with a pair of sandals. A casual pair of wedge or flats can go a long way (or you may opt to buy some locally made sandals cause why not!)

The way we travel has changed over the years. We used to travel in groups, with tour buses, and stay in downtown hotels. We used to only take short breaks, from a weekend to about two weeks. Month-long stays or more were unheard of unless you were retired.

Over the past decade though, a birth of affordable travel deals, budget airlines, and private accommodations came about. Millennial boss babes began to include and prioritize travel every year. In fact, according to Boston Globe, millennials took 44% more international trips than baby boomers. And by 2020, millennial travelers are expected to make 18% more trips.

Prioritizing local authentic experiences, millennial boss babes designs their own itineraries. They stay at Airbnb, homestays, or even couch surfs. This allows them to stay longer in one place, especially since most millennials work remotely. And they get their recommendations from their friends and social media now, instead of booking travel packages from agents.

At their destinations, millennial travelers flock to local gems where they get to immerse in the city’s culture and history. They stay where the locals stay, eat where the locals eat and work where the locals work. They use these experiences to influence how they work, think, and communicate with other people. Travel is a must in every person’s experience and it’s great how it has become more affordable and manageable than before.

As millennial boss babes, we’ve created a travel bucket list for millennials, which includes cities that have lots of history, culture, art, personality, and hidden gems to explore. Start booking your flights and homestays!

  1. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam has always been a top destination for most travelers, including millennials. And whether it’s your first time or tenth time, there’s always something new you can do in every trip. Hop on the small ferry from the back of the Amsterdam Central Station to view Amsterdam from the water. Get off on the north side at Eye Film Museum and watch documentaries, or watch the ships pass by from the restaurant. And if you’re a fan of spicy Asian food, after feasting on local delicacies, sample Indonesian food at any of the Indonesia restaurants in Amsterdam. It’s definitely a local favorite.

  1. Berlin, Germany

Berlin, Germany tops the list for the millennial-friendly city in the world. It’s vibrant, full of culture, full of history, and full of beer. When traveling to Berlin, make it a point to visit the Berlin Wall. Lots of tourists will be around but it’s an important part of Berlin’s history that must be witnessed at least once. It’s also a great idea to rent a bike to go around the city, which is also the best way to discover creative graffiti and street art in Berlin. And be sure to sign up for those small tours where you explore parts of the city on foot or on vintage bikes.

  1. Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Filled with festivals, great food, great art, and life-loving residents, Montreal is a must on a millennial boss babe’s travel bucket list. It’s literally the place to go when you want to relax and escape from the city. Visit both Old Montreal and Downtown Montreal. Enjoy Bota Bota in Old Montreal, a floating spa where you can enjoy a Swedish massage. Or go the Darling Foundry in Downtown Montreal, a 3500 sq.m. visual arts venue. Try to schedule your visit when they offer special events because it doesn’t happen often. Visit the public markets of Montreal, where they feature produce from all over Quebec, specialty products from Montreal businesses and artists. And just like with Amsterdam and Berlin, rent a bike (they call it Bixi) and ride along Lachine Canal to get great views of the nature and industrial parts of Montreal meshed together.

  1. Austin, Texas

Austin, Texas has become one of the fastest-growing cities in the US. It’s both the “Live Music Capital of the World” and “Keep Austin Weird” at the same time. There’s definitely something from everyone, from cowboys to hipsters to omnivores to vegans. Watch the bat colony under the Congress Avenue Bridge. Add your own tag at the HOPE Outdoor Graffiti Gallery, the only place where it’s legal to create graffiti art before it gets torn down. If you love music, fly into Austin by March for the South by Southwest (SXSW) festival or October for the Austin City Limits Music Festival. Austin is also home to several museums, including the Blanton Museum of Art, Museum of the Weird, and the Cathedral of Junk in South Austin.

  1. Bali, Indonesia

If you’re looking for a place where you can connect with nature and still stay connected with the world, book a flight to Bali, Indonesia. There are a lot of places where you can stay in Bali but if you want to stay away from the majority of the tourists, then consider staying at Canggu, Ubud, or Legian. Book a sunrise climb to Mt. Batur. Visit a local farm and enroll in an Indonesian cooking class. Have a nice deep Balinese massage. Learn woodcarving or basic batik painting. There are so many things to do in Bali, you’ll definitely want to stay longer or come back more often.

What do you think of this bucket list? What is on your list? Would you like to add more cities that millennial boss babes should visit at least once in their lives? Share your list!

Whether you’re bound to take your first long trip or you’re a pro globetrotter, preparing and packing your things up for a trip can be a little challenge especially when you have limited luggage allowance. Of course, the goal is to not miss anything and be able to organize your personal stuff days prior to your trip. As they say, it is never too early to prepare for something good.

I, personally, love going to places and ticking off some fancy spots in my bucket list. Traveling around, whether local or international, taught me some best tips and hacks on packing but the very step on my notes is to always, always prepare my travel checklist and noting all the essentials that I have to put in my bag.

So what do I have on my list? Let’s make a rundown.

1. Gadgets, gadgets, gadgets

When I say gadgets, I pertain to several tech-related things —mobile phones, cameras, charger, laptop, tablets etc. If you are a shutterbug like me who loves recording everything, a video cam or a go-pro cam (on top of your phone and camera) might also be helpful. I also tend to bring work when I’m out of town. I figured I can write more when I am in a different place so I maximize the flow of my creative juices.

I also make sure that I bring the essential accessories with me such as power bank and battery packs, monopod and power adapter. Remember that it is always best to come prepared especially when you are bound to go on a different country as there might be different electric requirements or source of power might be limited.

2. Mobile Hotspot

 I love updating my social media platforms when I am roaming around so I make sure I have a sturdy internet connection with me. Bringing a portable hotspot device can be very beneficial especially when you travel out of the country.

It is not just that, most countries have ride-hailing apps which can only be booked if you are connected to the internet so again, it is always best to prioritize connectivity.

3. Toiletries and a Waterproof Toiletry Bag

One thing I learned from my recent travels is that it is always best to pack light. We all know that toiletries and personal hygiene materials are essentials but we do not want to waste our precious baggage allowance with some extra big tubes of hair products and a bunch of face creams and serums. This is why I bought a set of travel-sized bottles and containers where I can put my beauty staples like a facial wash, moisturizer, toner, night creams, sunscreen, eye serums, lotions, and all my hair stuff. I put them in a waterproof toiletry bag (with a cute mini hanger) so I can bring everything in the shower room —no mess, no fuss.

3. Packing Cubes

 Packing cubes are handy dandy bag organizers that come in a set (small, medium, large, XL etc.) and believe me, they are the best gift to travelers. With packing cubes, I can segregate my belongings depending on the category (undergarments, tops, bottoms, accessories etc.) and this saves me a lot of time especially when I get stuff for my OOTD. Some of them come with labels too so it is very easy to sort things.

Most packing cubes are made of nylon with net window so I get a preview of what’s inside. They also come in a variety of colors so you can be extra girly, quirky or simple depending on your travel mood.

4. Earphones or Headphones

 I am a certified music-lover so I’m putting this on my list and yes, I purposely took this out my gadget category (number 1) because dude, this is my music! Whether your preference is a Bluetooth headset or a large set of headphones, it is always best to carry your playlist with you. You’ll never know how much time you’ll spend lounging in the airport or sitting on your flight plus it is always best to get some good round of music while walking on some unfamiliar alleys.

5. Medical Kit

 You’ll never know what will happen in your travel so it is always best to be prepared. Bring some allergy meds, thermometer, a dose of paracetamols and some other ointments just in case you don’t feel well in your happy go exploration trip.

Also, don’t forget to take your multivitamins with you. Bring insect repellants, motion sickness pills or bands and some sunburn relief ointments especially when you are bound to go on a beach trip.

6. Travel Comfort Materials

 One thing I do especially during long trips and flights is that I take the time to sleep or do quick naps. I bring a couple of comfort materials with me like travel pillow, neck cushion, blanket, some cute eye masks, and ear plugs to make sure that I still get some quality relaxation even when I am onboard.

7. Travel Documents and CASH!

 I normally start collecting all my travel documents in a travel organizer —passport, visa, boarding ticket, government IDs and a bunch of frequent flyer and hotel cards to make sure they are intact even before I leave the house.

Apart from that, I also take the time to organize my wallet by sorting all my cards and cash in one place. This gives me a good inventory of what I have, how much do I need for the entire travel plus some extra things for the record.

8. Notebook and Doodle Sheets (Plus a Pen)

 Now, this is something very personal. Although I have my gadgets with me, I still love writing and doodling on empty sheets. I am also very traditional so I tend to record important things and insights into a notebook.

Traveling and going on trips can be very enjoyable and of course, we don’t wanna ruin it with some simple mishaps like failing to bring a few of our personal essentials. Remember that preparing early is key.

Let’s find some beautiful places to get lost.

What first word comes into your mind when someone says, Los Angeles? Spotting celebrities or sitting in traffic? These two are the most common terms that come to most people’s mind. But one thing that you all need to know is Los Angeles a beautiful place with so many fun places to travel and enjoy.

Here you can find beaches, great hotels, amusement parks, and cinemas, etc. So, why you need to go somewhere if you have everything in a single place. However, if you are planning for the first time to visit LA, then it is essential to make trip worth. So, for this, we have created a list of top 10 places to visit when you’re in Los Angeles that draw visitors to this city from all over the world.

List of Places to Visit in Los Angeles

Please read this explanation carefully and research well before making the final decision. It is essential to keep everything in your budget and know the information about the place that you are going to visit. Anyways, here are ten places that you need to consider.

  1. Santa Monica Pier:

So #1 in our list is Santa Monica Pier, the place full of beauties and attractions. Pier is the great attraction of Santa Monica. The red and yellow Ferris wheel is the icon of this city. It offers the visitors with a bundle of amazement options, like Pacific Park, bars, shops, fun arcade with almost 200 games or more. However, the beauty of Pier is in the Pacific Park’s Solar Powered Ferris Wheel that attracts millions of users around the globe every year.

Hint: This place is breathtakingly beautiful when visited at night.

  1. Malibu Beach/Malibu pier:

With almost three-dozen beaches to choose from, Malibu is a beach-lovers dream. It is known as a famous sandy beach and surfers spot. It is a southern California icon in an area which is known as Riviera of America. Malibu is the richest location for surfers to enjoy and know the surf culture of this place. You can enjoy delicious seaside dishes here which offer you a taste of Pier.

  1. Venice Beach:

If art is your life, then surely capturing that art is important and no other place can give you enough than Venice Beach. A collection of art which offer energy to its visitors. You can enjoy the beautiful Bay View across straggling sand beaches as well as go for the shopping. Whether you want to taste delicious cuisine and want to get yourself entertained, Venice Beach has so much for you.

  1. Griffith Observatory:

Well, Griffith Observatory is something you may need to consider is your list. The visitors can stare through telescopes and can discover exhibits. Along with that, it also offers you live shows in the Samuel Oschin Planetarium. So, if you want to enjoy the breath-taking spectacular view of Los Angeles, then nothing can beat the beauty of Griffith Observatory.

  1. Hollywood Walk of Fame:

Well, it is not necessary to be big to go to Hollywood. All you need is to set name in concrete. However, more accurately, it has to be entrenched in brass and set inside a coral pink five stars.

Hollywood walk of fame is one of the most famous and lovely sidewalks where pedestrians are not in a hurry at all. Instead, people love to move slow and turn their eyes downward to take in the film.

  1. Rodeo Drive:

Rodeo Drive is no doubt of the most beautiful, eye-catching streets on the earth.  It is in the heart of Beverly Hills. This street has almost 100 world-renewed stores and hotels with matchless beauty. Rodeo is covered with three great blocks and golden triangle in which anyone can lose.

  1. Universal Studios:

Universal Studios is all about movie magic for the movie lovers. Universal Studios has its attraction, features that are familiar with the characters and storylines. If you want to feel the real cinematic life, then all you need is to go into the world of favorite TV shows.

  1. Disneyland and Disney California:

Ah! Disneyland and Disney California are the two theme parks that make up Disneyland Resort. Disneyland is a place for all and anyone can die for it. If you want to get yourself absorb in the Disney Stories, Pixar or beyond this- then this is the place you need to visit. However, at Disney California Adventure Park, you can have seven exciting lands with fantastic entertainment options like seasonal celebrations, the world of color and much more.

  1. Warner Brother’s Studio Tour:

It is the studio that brings visitors closer than ever to the legendary entertainment that you are used to watching, love and know. You can explore outdoor sets and soundstages that are used for big shows. You can have access to original props, picture cars, and much more. So, this year you need to experience the real love and fun of the legendary film industry by visiting Warner Brother’s Studio Tour. Surely, you will have more than your expectations.

10. Getty Museum & Getty Villa:

Getty Villa is the most beautiful and exquisite art museum in Malibu which focuses on antiquities from the incident Greeks, Etruscans and Romans. You can find this place very charming and family-friendly which offer you family room, weakened family workshops, and gallery games. Getty Museum is a great fun place for children. However, you can enjoy the beauty of the gardens too. All you need is to have enough time to explore the beauty of Getty Villa and Museum which has everything or everyone.

These are some highlighted places that we have found attractive, entertaining and at the same time affordable for our users. If you are planning to enjoy vacations with friends and family, then these are the best and recommended places to visit.

“It is better to experience something different than to hear about it thousands time.”