When we were younger, we couldn’t wait to become adults. Every day, we wished that we could wake up as adults already, earning our own money, living on our own, and doing whatever we wanted to do. Well, we certainly got our wishes & don’t we all wish that we didn’t wish for this in the first place.

And for a lot of us, being an adult is harder than we thought it would be. Sometimes, we want to go back to the past and enjoy our childhood once again. Of course, that’s not possible. 

But you know what? Being an adult is challenging but it doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy ourselves. Adulthood is the longest part of our lives, 40 years to be exact. It’s long and if we don’t find a way to enjoy it, we’re just gonna let our life pass us by. And do you really want to look back at the end of your life and realize you didn’t live it to its fullest?

We just need to develop and master a few life skills and we can definitely enjoy this challenging chapter in our life.

  • Have a hobby

It is always great to have a hobby & if you still haven’t found one, get to work and find one so you can have a work-life balance. As adults, work takes up a lot of our time (if not all). And work/business takes so much of our energy that at the end of the day we are exhausted and don’t have time to take care of ourselves. But the truth is, we need to find time to take a break from our busy lives and focus on us. Our lives can’t be just about work and making money all the time. We need to give ourselves a breather, a time to recharge. We are not machines. We are more than just our jobs (business) and we need to establish that by having a life outside of it.  

  • Pay your bills

This is a simple concept but so many people either fail to do this or ignore it altogether. Bills are a part of life and they need to be paid. Boss babes are responsible and will always make it a point to pay all their bills, on time. If your bills become harder to pay, then it’s a good opportunity to make some changes. No matter what you do, don’t let your bills pile up, be paid late or worse, be left unpaid.

  • Have your own savings account

Where do you keep your money? Do you have your own savings account? It might seem inconsequential to have one now but it’s a great plan for long-term. Saving early will help you prepare for the future and for emergencies.

  • Know first aid

Knowing first aid is always handy. It’s a great life skill that you can use to help yourself and others. 

  • How to budget

Budgeting helps you keep track of your money coming in and out. And when you take the time to track your money and balance your budget, it helps you manage your money better and will have room to save more. Also knowing how to budget your money will give you a clear knowledge of how much you can and can’t spend on certain things.

I honestly love doing cash envelope system by David Ramsey. It has helped me pay off debts on time, know exactly what I spend on food, entertainment, etc.

  • Have and apply common sense

We tend to overthink a lot. But sometimes, all we need is a little common sense to make decisions. 

  • Know and understand consequences of your actions

You are the only one who can decide for yourself but make sure that, whatever you decide, you are prepared for the consequences of your actions and decisions. 

  • Cope with change

Change is the only constant thing in the world. The sooner we accept that, the sooner we can adjust to whatever challenges life throws at us.

  • Form your own opinions

Whether you share another person’s opinions or not, make sure it’s yours. Do your own research about issues. Listen to people’s own opinions. Then form your own. Don’t believe in an opinion because somebody told you that should be your opinion, too.

  • Learn to manage your time

We’re adults now. We are in charge of our lives, including our time. We have to learn to manage it so we can efficiently accomplish our goals. 

  • Lower your pride (or forget it completely)

Pride is an ugly thing. We won’t learn and evolve when we let our pride get in the way. Let go of it and your world will change. 

  • Accept criticism and learn from it.

Fact: We don’t know everything. We might think we do but there is always something new to learn everyday. People who give us constructive criticism help us become better versions of ourselves. Accept it, thank them for it, and find a way to apply it to your life. 

What other life skills do you think we need to master during our adult phase?

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