It’s so amazing how many women have embraced the entrepreneur and boss babe lifestyle. So many women work hard every day to build up a business that they’re passionate about that will help other women. But just because you’re passionate about your idea and business, it doesn’t mean it’s already a fool-proof idea. 

Nothing comes out perfect at the start. Mistakes are bound to happen. But that’s how we learn, don’t we? We learn from our mistakes so we can build a better business. what are the mistakes entrepreneurs make at the beginning of their journey?

  • Failing to identify your target market

With every business, you need to know the market you are targeting. Where do they live? Do they work? What do they like? Having a specific target market helps you figure out how to sell your offer. You’ll know which words, colors, and images to use. You’ll also be able to measure better your success ratings and the viability of your offer. 

How do you figure out your target market? Close your eyes and picture in your head the person buying your offer. What do they look like? Where are they? Are they buying through their computer or mobile or in-store? What were they doing before they bought your offer? Basic questions then go from there. 

  • Falling too much in love with your business idea

It’s good to love your idea and the business. You’ll need it to stay motivated to work on your business. But remember, you also need to let go of the idea that it is perfect as it is because there will always be room for improvement. 

  • Lack of goal setting and a business plan

In any business, we cannot get started without having personal and business goals. Otherwise, what are we aiming for? And to help us reach our business goals, we need a business plan on how to specifically achieve them. Take the time to do this now, instead of later. But if you’ve gone and started your business without a business plan, take the time to do it now instead of having nothing, especially if you’re in it for the long-term.

  • Not being flexible and refusing to evolve

Like what was mentioned earlier, there is always room for improvement. And our businesses, products and services need to improve, especially to fit in with the changing times. Evolution doesn’t always have to be drastic. Let’s say, you have a soap business. Instead of just selling soap by retail, you can evolve by offering gift packages or offering wholesale packages for wedding or corporate gifts. 

  • Listening to everyone

Listening is a great skill but don’t listen to everyone who says anything about your business, especially if they don’t have any business skills. Learn to listen to the right people. The right people are the ones who have been in similar shoes you have. They don’t necessarily have to be in the same industry but it would be good if they were. Go back to your goals and your business plans. Which businesses or entrepreneurs do you admire and success you’d like to emulate? Get to know them. Watch their videos. Read their interviews. Study their businesses. Attend their seminars, if they have. Or if you have entrepreneurs with businesses you admire, ask them questions and listen to what they have to say. 

  • No support group

No person is an island. We do need support from other people. Do you have a support group that you can turn to? Join Facebook or Linkedin groups and connect with the members. Attend networking events, business seminars, or skills workshops in your town. It’s a great place to meet other similar-minded women. 

  • Doing everything by yourself

As much as we want to, we can’t do everything by ourselves. Doing everything is a surefire way to get burnt out fast. You can do a lot yourself according to your strengths. But the things you have limited experience with, outsource them. Outsource your social media marketing, or accounting, or graphic design, or delivery. Understand the basics of these parts and focus on your strengths. 

  • Not getting enough sleep

It’s tempting to keep working and rest when the work is done. But that won’t work long-term. The exhaustion will catch up to you. Make sure you get at least 6 hours of sleep at night so your mind is in good shape for the work-day. When your brain isn’t in its optimal shape, you won’t perform at your best. 

Everybody makes mistakes. It’s what you do afterward that makes the difference. What does this mistake want to tell you, to teach you? How can you apply this learning to what you’re doing now? 

What were the mistakes you made when you were starting out? What did you learn from them?

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