Packing for a tropical travel? If you are scheduled to have a trip somewhere in the warm tropics (say for example, the Philippines), it is very important that your packing list is as concise and complete as possible. Remember that the tropics also stands for hot and humid (and moist year-round) climate and while the sunny sun posts an exciting feeling, it is also very important that your luggage is ready for the heat.

Travel Essentials

  1. Water Bottle

One thing that is very crucial when travelling to a warm country is the importance of hydration. Bring water bottles and tumblers that can fit completely in your carry on bags. One with a filter is great as you can use it on (drinkable) tap water around the world and odd tastes are mostly eliminated (

It also saves you a lot of bucks as you don’t really have to buy bottled water every now and then. Just drink, refill and get quenched. 

2. Sun Protection

Of course, you don’t wanna experience sunburn and other ultraviolet complications. Always bring sunscreen with good SPF to make sure your skin is well-protected. You may opt to get the cream or spray or lotion type, depending on your preference.

Also, take note that hot destinations equal more sun protection. 

“When anyone is going to be sun exposed, regardless of location, a broad spectrum UVA-UVB sunscreen recognized by the Canadian Dermatology Association is recommended,” explains McCauley. “UV protectant clothing, as well as a hat and sunglasses help keep the skin, hair, and eyes shielded from harmful radiation.”McCauley also says you need to reapply sunscreen every two hours and always after swimming or you work up a sweat (

3. Hat or Bandana

The summer headgear (hat or bandana) is both an essential and a fashion piece especially for women. These two items can be used as cover for the head and neck. 

Choose a piece that matches your outfit so it can also stand as an accent to your overall tropic look. Time to nail that summer OOTD!

4. Sunglasses

Same with the head piece, sunglasses can serve you well in two ways. Protect your eyes and get an instant shade plus of course, it’s a good fashion accessory. 

PRO TIP: Try bringing a few pairs that will match all your planned outfits.

5. Dry Bags

Of course, a tropic trip isn’t complete without a beach escapade. Assuming you’ll have a lot of beach moments, come prepared with a couple of dry bags. 

Use them as a sand proof bag for storing your phone on the beach, or pack your wet bikini inside to avoid soaking your other clothes. They’re water resistant so they keep water out or in depending on what you need! (

6. Cover Up/Sarong

Another fashionable piece that can add protection, cover-ups can also function as a beach mat or stuff cover. It can also accentuate your bikini so better be picky with your covers!

You may choose plain cover ups for the classy look or go adventurous with prints and patterns. After all, we’re here for the fun summer sun!

7. Flip Flops

So by now you know that wearing heavy, all-covered shoes is definitely not a wise move. If you’re planning to do some “by the water”walking, better get a pair of good-quality flip flops. 

8. Summer clothes

Cute crop tops, shorts, jumpsuits, sleeveless tops and a couple of rompers —your pack can be a mix of happy prints and florals but do make sure that they are made of lightweight materials. Layering and wearing wool materials is a complete no-no so girl, it’s time to show some skin.

Again, a beach trip is a must so a nice pair of bikini should also be on your list. 

PS. Sundresses for ladies is also a good idea. It can be a day/night outfit depending on the occasion (or your mood). 

PRO TIP: Dresses and summer skirts go well with a pair of sandals. A casual pair of wedge or flats can go a long way (or you may opt to buy some locally made sandals cause why not!)

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