As a millennial boss babe, we have so much drive, and so much desire to make our passions come alive. We’ve got all these ideas, and projects in our minds that we want to create. We’ve got big dreams to fulfill with great intentions for the future.

But with this desire come a lot of responsibilities to make the ideas come alive thriving. And if we’re not careful and set our goals accordingly, these ideas might not come to fruition.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. We’re boss babes. We got this. And because we got this, we know we have to plan ahead.

  1. Set Aside Time To Reflect At The End Of The Month, Quarter, and Year

The first important to creating boss babe goals is to reflect on the past year, the past quarter, and the past month. Set aside time, preferably at the start of the week, to jot down your thoughts on your experiences. Write them all down on a notebook or on your planner. Having them all written down helps you look back and assess your growth and what contributed to your success and failure.

Basic questions will do. For example, what is your biggest 2018 accomplishment? What were my new learning or lessons this 2018? What would I like to do more of in 2019?

Use these to start of your reflection time but add more questions that you believe will be beneficial for you.

  1. Highlight the Accomplishments and Failures

Look back on what you accomplished, what wasn’t completed, what wasn’t started, and which goals failed. It’s important to assess all aspects to see which ones strengthened the businesses and which ones just don’t and won’t fit. What projects did I successfully complete? How did I accomplish it? What project or goal wasn’t I able to complete? What project or goal wasn’t I able to start? What could be the reason I accomplished/didn’t accomplish/didn’t get to start the project?  What qualities and work plans did you have and use when you accomplished your project? What stopped me from completing or starting the project?

Knowing these details will help you assess what is important to you, what your priorities are, and what will contribute greatly to your personal and professional growth. Use the answers to these questions to make a list of what you will prioritize in 2019.

  1. Use the Reflection To Set New SMART Goals

Based on your reflection, set new SMART goals. Make sure your goals are specific, measurable, agreed upon, reliable, and time-based. A lot of people, including boss babes, know this but sometimes fail to really sit down and make sure their goals are SMART. Avoid making the same mistakes and assumptions and really sit down and make sure your goals follow these five principles. Set goals for the year, broken down to quarters and months to make them even more achievable.

Avoid setting a lot more goals than you can work on also. Write down everything you’d like to achieve and list them according to priorities. The ones that are highest need to be your immediate goals but set deadlines for the lower priorities, even if they’re for another year. It’s good to have something to look forward to.

  1. Enumerate Specific Ways To Achieve The New Goals

Once you’ve assessed the specific goals you’ll be working on immediately, take the time to create a plan to achieve that goal. Focus on the smaller details to help you achieve the big goal. What can you do today that will get you closer to your big plan? If you’re setting up your website, you can research on the best web hosts, and study which ones will be beneficial to your success. Then you can concentrate on what pages to add, what freebies will be included on the website, getting your images, your banner, and your portrait photos done. It’s important to list the small details because it can be so easy to overlook them.

  1. Display Your 2019 Goals

Create a vision board or use a whiteboard to list these goals and your plans. Display them in a location where you will always see them or even use it as wallpaper for your computer or smartphone. Being able to see your 2019 goals regularly will remind you of what you need to do and what makes it important to achieve them. It’ll serve as your motivation to keep going and continue working on your dreams.

Do the first goal setting session before the previous year ends. It’s great to be able to start the New Year with a plan already in mind. If it’s not possible, set the goal setting session as early as possible into the New Year.  Have a goal review session at the end of every month and every quarter to make sure you’re on track, or if you have to make adjustments.


Are you ready boss babe? And if you need any help with your goal settings or want to make yourself more accountable, drop me a message. I’m always here to help!


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