In today’s fast-paced world, doing a lifestyle balance is really a big challenge for many. The thing is, we always aspire to strike the middle scale by trying a couple of things (basically multitasking) all at the same time but we always end up sacrificing a few activities.

Take for example work and working out. Given that all of us want to get fit (of course, we all do), it is still very hard to do a couple of exercise routines in the middle of our busy work day. It may be because we have a demanding job, a long commute, some odd work hours or a physically exhausting work.

While most people could probably relate to this scenario, experts still say that no matter how busy a person’s life is, there is always a way to sneak in exercise (yes, even if you have a strict 9-5 job and a far stricter boss). It is because working out, in general, can be modified to fit each individual’s lifestyle and schedule. It’s easy to customize it as long as you really make it part of your daily plan.

IF you are up to take the challenge, here are some ways you can get more exercise into your schedule.

1. Write it out

Yes, there’s no better way but to actually jot down your schedule and make time for that quick workout sesh. Start the plan with the time you get up in the morning (or in the evening depending on your shift). Consider how long it takes you to get ready, what time you leave the house for work, how much time you spend eating and taking mid-day breaks. Remember to always cite the details because that is the key in really finding a good time.

As what Wikihow has taught us, you may not find room for a workout every day or enough time to fit in an entire trip to the gym. That’s OK. Even 10-15 minutes is enough time to fit in a short exercise session.

2. List down your favorite routines

Do you like doing cardio? Or squats? Or maybe some push-ups? Are you into CrossFit or bodybuilding? Do you wanna try out some martial arts? Whatever it is, make sure you got a bullet list of all your favorite workouts. Aside from the fact that it helps you do what you like, it also helps you customize your workout time depending on your available schedule.

3. Do some desk exercise.

So you’re stuck in the office for most of the day and can’t really find time to go out or hit the gym. Why not do some“deskercise”? Find one minute to do push-ups, whether they’re at home or in your office (with the door closed). Take another minute during the workday to do triceps dips on the edge of a chair, push-ups against your desk, lunges or squats or even some hip rotation–whatever combination is best for you just do it (Reno, 2016).

4. Find a fitness partner

As they say, two heads are better than one. Same thing with exercise. Find a colleague who also wants to accomplish the mission of striking a balance between work and workout. Partner up with him or her to reach your desired end-result. Note that it’s easier to do things when you are working with a person who has the same goal. He/she can give that extra push especially when you’re too lazy to move your ass and you can do the same for him/her.

5. Try to start early in the morning

So you’re already too tired after your 8-hour shift. Why not start early and do a pre-work workout? Once you get going, you’re jazzed up and feeling like you can take on the world. By the end, you start to think about why you even thought about going back to bed. By raising your heart rate, you’re ready to take on the day with extra oomph. That’s one of the benefits of morning exercise –they give you energy to tackle the workday and have you going into your day feeling great (Reno, 2016).

6. Pack your gym bag and bring it to the office

It’s always best to come prepared and ready because it weeds out all your nasty excuses not to do your workout routine. When everything is set of you, you’ll be obliged to maximize both supplies and time.

7. Go for the 10-minute workout

Say you have meetings here and there and you can’t really do a full pack workout. Still, there is no excuse for you to skip that stretch. Come up with a list of 10-minute workouts and ace that quickie exercise. It can be a 10-minute walk, some jumping jacks or hula hoops, just do it. Also, the USDA suggests getting in 150 minutes of exercise each week. If you just did a 10-minute walk or short work out 3 times a day, 5 days a week, you’d meet that goal.

8. Try to look for a 24-hour gym

We all have different work schedules and not everyone has the usual 9-5 job. It is best to find a gym that’s open 24 hours so you have access to it whether you work out at lunch, before work or after work. There are benefits to having these types of hours, too. Depending on when you go, the gym could be all yours. No more fighting over free weights (Reno, 2016).

While it is not always possible to accomplish everything every single day, remember that nothing beats a well-crafted plan and the willpower to really do it and become successful at it. The balance feature will take a while but if you are up to take the challenge and your goals are all set, there’s really no way but to ace both —making good at work and getting fit.

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