Gadgets used to be just an add-on tool for many, an extra accessory to ease things up or make a status show (talk about the millennium gadget hype). But times have changed so rapidly that today, gizmos aren’t just as simple as how they were before.

In this modern era, gadgets have become an essential part of everyone’s life. In general. they help people become more productive with tedious tasks done in minutes, organization assessed real-time and statuses updated in seconds. From an accessory to a need, today’s gadgets make every single thing so easier for humans.

Amongst all the set of people on earth, one group that has to have a good set of gadgets is the business-motivated bunch —the entrepreneurs.

Being the busy cluster, entrepreneurs usually have a lot of things on their plate. They move from one place to another, manage a couple of staff, go to a lot of meetings, make a lot of calls and handle tons of workload. It is, therefore, important for entrepreneurs to be capable enough to handle any type of situation and be equipped with the right set of gadgets.

So if you are a budding entrepreneur (or aspiring to be one), the question is, what types of the gadget should you have?

Let us serve you this list.


  1. Ultralight laptop with an ultralight charger

Yes, we all need a portable computer. Whether you’re on a MacBook, netbook or a Windows laptop, staying connected (in this time of digital connectivity and social media) is a MUST. An ultralight laptop will be of big assistance as you move around places because it helps you manage your business wherever you are. You can search for leads while staying at home, check sales while sipping your coffee in a cafe and work on proposals even while traveling. You can also communicate fast and easy with your staff, suppliers and do a lot of business negotiations. Why should it be light? Because you have to carry it anywhere! A good light laptop charger should also come handy because remember you don’t wanna run out of battery.


  1. Smart Phone plus power bank

So now you know that your phone is your life. It is how you connect with everyone in the world whether it’s via call, chat, email or whatever social platform. It cannot just be a simple, old-school phone. It should be a smartphone and it should be a good one, preferably with a nice, high-resolution camera and a huge memory so you can store files, download productivity apps and multitask on a couple of things. In the same way, you have to make sure you carry a reliable power bank with you. You don’t wanna lose battery charge while working in the middle of something. Note that a good power bank can supply a whole day of power for a whole day of work.

  1. SmartWatch

Let us say that the smartwatch is one of the best inventions of this time simply because it is a really smart tool. Smart watches can do so much more than just tell the time, and that’s exactly why entrepreneurs need them. One can use maps, answer calls, listen to music, keep a track through notes and reminders, set alarms and also keep a check on their fitness, heart rate, steps walked and much more using a smart or fitness watch (Pascal, 2018).

While entrepreneurs love to multitask, smart watches make the multitasking task easier. It is an all-in-one device that eliminates all other types of devices (and of course, that means a lesser hassle for you).

  1. Smart Pens

Our list of smart gadgets won’t be complete without a smartpen. A smartpen is a high-tech writing tool that records spoken words and synchronizes them with notes written on special paper (Leibs, 2018).

A major brand that produces one of the world’s best smartpens is Livescribe. Their smartpens use a little camera and special paper to record what you write and also have a built-in microphone for recording audio. The recorded audio is synchronized to the writing –the system knows what you were writing as you recorded the audio and can play them back together. Audio can be played back using the pen and paper, and the recorded drawing and audio can be played back on a computer, online, or on an iPhone or iPad (Walsh, 2010).

Now, this is a total convenience especially if you are not fond of bringing pens and papers during meetings or if you’re simply not into taking down notes —keeps things light as well, right?

  1. Portable Scanner and Printer

Yes, in this digital world, there are still a lot of documents that need to be scanned and printed. Portable scanners and printers let you do all these things anywhere. No need to look for some printing cafes, as long as you have a wireless connection and a device to support it, then you are good to go.

Aside from all these smarty-pants gadgets, we should also take into consideration that the wi-fi/internet connection is an essential factor to make things possible.

Also, note that at the end of the day, gadgets aren’t supposed to control us. We have to use them to become smart, practical and successful entrepreneurs so work wisely!

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