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What first word comes into your mind when someone says, Los Angeles? Spotting celebrities or sitting in traffic? These two are the most common terms that come to most people’s mind. But one thing that you all need to know is Los Angeles a beautiful place with so many fun places to travel and enjoy.

Here you can find beaches, great hotels, amusement parks, and cinemas, etc. So, why you need to go somewhere if you have everything in a single place. However, if you are planning for the first time to visit LA, then it is essential to make trip worth. So, for this, we have created a list of top 10 places to visit when you’re in Los Angeles that draw visitors to this city from all over the world.

List of Places to Visit in Los Angeles

Please read this explanation carefully and research well before making the final decision. It is essential to keep everything in your budget and know the information about the place that you are going to visit. Anyways, here are ten places that you need to consider.

  1. Santa Monica Pier:

So #1 in our list is Santa Monica Pier, the place full of beauties and attractions. Pier is the great attraction of Santa Monica. The red and yellow Ferris wheel is the icon of this city. It offers the visitors with a bundle of amazement options, like Pacific Park, bars, shops, fun arcade with almost 200 games or more. However, the beauty of Pier is in the Pacific Park’s Solar Powered Ferris Wheel that attracts millions of users around the globe every year.

Hint: This place is breathtakingly beautiful when visited at night.

  1. Malibu Beach/Malibu pier:

With almost three-dozen beaches to choose from, Malibu is a beach-lovers dream. It is known as a famous sandy beach and surfers spot. It is a southern California icon in an area which is known as Riviera of America. Malibu is the richest location for surfers to enjoy and know the surf culture of this place. You can enjoy delicious seaside dishes here which offer you a taste of Pier.

  1. Venice Beach:

If art is your life, then surely capturing that art is important and no other place can give you enough than Venice Beach. A collection of art which offer energy to its visitors. You can enjoy the beautiful Bay View across straggling sand beaches as well as go for the shopping. Whether you want to taste delicious cuisine and want to get yourself entertained, Venice Beach has so much for you.

  1. Griffith Observatory:

Well, Griffith Observatory is something you may need to consider is your list. The visitors can stare through telescopes and can discover exhibits. Along with that, it also offers you live shows in the Samuel Oschin Planetarium. So, if you want to enjoy the breath-taking spectacular view of Los Angeles, then nothing can beat the beauty of Griffith Observatory.

  1. Hollywood Walk of Fame:

Well, it is not necessary to be big to go to Hollywood. All you need is to set name in concrete. However, more accurately, it has to be entrenched in brass and set inside a coral pink five stars.

Hollywood walk of fame is one of the most famous and lovely sidewalks where pedestrians are not in a hurry at all. Instead, people love to move slow and turn their eyes downward to take in the film.

  1. Rodeo Drive:

Rodeo Drive is no doubt of the most beautiful, eye-catching streets on the earth.  It is in the heart of Beverly Hills. This street has almost 100 world-renewed stores and hotels with matchless beauty. Rodeo is covered with three great blocks and golden triangle in which anyone can lose.

  1. Universal Studios:

Universal Studios is all about movie magic for the movie lovers. Universal Studios has its attraction, features that are familiar with the characters and storylines. If you want to feel the real cinematic life, then all you need is to go into the world of favorite TV shows.

  1. Disneyland and Disney California:

Ah! Disneyland and Disney California are the two theme parks that make up Disneyland Resort. Disneyland is a place for all and anyone can die for it. If you want to get yourself absorb in the Disney Stories, Pixar or beyond this- then this is the place you need to visit. However, at Disney California Adventure Park, you can have seven exciting lands with fantastic entertainment options like seasonal celebrations, the world of color and much more.

  1. Warner Brother’s Studio Tour:

It is the studio that brings visitors closer than ever to the legendary entertainment that you are used to watching, love and know. You can explore outdoor sets and soundstages that are used for big shows. You can have access to original props, picture cars, and much more. So, this year you need to experience the real love and fun of the legendary film industry by visiting Warner Brother’s Studio Tour. Surely, you will have more than your expectations.

10. Getty Museum & Getty Villa:

Getty Villa is the most beautiful and exquisite art museum in Malibu which focuses on antiquities from the incident Greeks, Etruscans and Romans. You can find this place very charming and family-friendly which offer you family room, weakened family workshops, and gallery games. Getty Museum is a great fun place for children. However, you can enjoy the beauty of the gardens too. All you need is to have enough time to explore the beauty of Getty Villa and Museum which has everything or everyone.

These are some highlighted places that we have found attractive, entertaining and at the same time affordable for our users. If you are planning to enjoy vacations with friends and family, then these are the best and recommended places to visit.

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